Blu di Capra

Last week I went for ski mountaineering in Monviso area. Monviso is one of the most recognizable mountain in the Italian Alps because of its triangle shape (do you remember Paramount logo??), moreover it gives source to Po river, the longer one in Italy (352 km). Coming back after a sunny sport day, I stopped to buy a piece of “Blu di Capra” cheese, a very delicious cheese produced in different parts of Italy. This cheese is a “bleu” cheese, produced with raw goat milk, curd and salt, aimed at seasoning: during the processing, the cheese is pierced with copper needle and salted by hand, to favourite the marbling and the organoleptic complexity. The seasoning is natural: the cheese is kept on wooden board for about 60-90 days. Traditionally it’s shaped in a 10 to 20 cm roll with the top and the bottom slightly bowed. The diameter is about 28 cm. and it can weight between 2,00 and 4,00 kgs The colour is straw-yellow with greenish blue-vein: the rind is thin and the texture is semi-hard. The taste is that of a great cheese of his family: tasty, a little bit sharp, the aromas are complex and persistent, but fine and well-balanced. I have used Blu di Capra for two dishes: one with polenta (Polenta translates as corn meal mush, but it’s much more…) and one with risotto at cheese.