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The curious history of Nutella, the world-famous Italian spread

In 1964, the first jar of what we now call Nutella was sold from a bakery in Alba, Piedmont. Not long after, the chocolate-hazelnut spread would conquer the entire world. But the unusual and sometimes controversial history of the world-famous spread might surprise even its most dedicated fans. Here are [...]
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Gusti d’Italia has been certified “BRC Agents and Brokers”.

Gusti d’Italia has invested heavily in technical expertise over the last years to support our customers in food supply chain.BRC Agents and Brokers (non-manufacturing traders) who buy, sell or facilitate the trade of products, provide a critical link in the movement and trade of products, and influence supplier product safety [...]
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Italian Wine Values

Wine values exist in many countries, but perhaps no nation produces as many reasonably priced wines of very good quality as Italy. The reasons for this? There are many, but perhaps the primary cause is the fact that most wines in Italy are made with indigenous varieties, many of which [...]
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