Pasta & Rice

While pasta is made everywhere, ours keeps time-tested production methods that create superior quality. There are roughly 350 different shapes of dried pasta in Italy, like Penne (tubes), Farfalle (butterflies), Creste di Gallo (Cockscomb), Spaghetti or Tajarin. The shapes of pasta are designed for grabbing and holding onto sauces. 
There are even more shapes counting the regional kinds of pasta, like Trofie to be cooked with Pesto alla Genovese sauce or Orecchiette from Puglia simply served with a spoon of garlic fl avoured extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of Peperoncino. 
Our pasta is made with 100% durum semolina flour and water. This practice together with extrusion and drying methods assure a higher special quality. Dried short cut pasta often has ridges on the surface to hold onto the sauce. These ridges and bumps are created during the extrusion process, when the pasta is forced from a copper mould and cut to desired length before drying. Traditional pasta is allowed to dry slowly, up to 50 hours at a low temperature. It is after the pasta is fully dried that it is packaged. The result is a product with a much better mouth-feel, quicker coking time, and superior sauce holding pasta.