Pair sauce and pasta

The pairings between pasta and sauce is never left it up to fate. Here are valuable tips we found on the Voiello pasta site , the famous Italian pasta producer: - with increasing thickness and size of the pasta, sauces should be progressively more elaborate. - the shape of the noble «Specialità» are combined with light sauces, to enhance the shape itself or thickening to support the union. - the seasoning in the pan is recommended especially for thicker shapes. Here are some examples: - Linguine and Fidelini only accept the delicate seasonings; - Spaghetti and Bucatini prefer the rich sauces, or meat ones; - The medium shapes like Sedani and Farfalle prefer a light sauces; - Thicker pasta like Rigatoni or Fusilli seek a more intense and flavorful sauce. Langhe 106