Strolghino of Culatello

This small salami is obtained with the Culatello trimmed of heavy italian pork, the same used for Prosciutto di Parma. It is sacked into a thin gut (4cm) that accelerates the seasoning. 
The low-fat mixture, the delicate taste and the special sweetness whet your appetite. 

It should be eaten when soft with bread or crouton, as a starter with a glass of wine. 
It is better if you keep it refrigerated or in some other fresh places, avoiding places too much dry.


Ingredients: swine meat, salt, spices, pepper, Lambrusco wine of Mantova
Antioxidant: E300
Preservatives: E252
Minimum seasoning: 7/10 days
Size: 0.28 /0.35 KG