Trofie with pesto in retail box

An extensive research, carried out by our highly skilled lab technicians and involving severe taste trials with potential consumers, was implemented in order to arrange the perfect»marriage» between the Sauce and its Pasta.
We are now ready to offer the first four combinations of Pasta and Sauce.

We create this box, for 2-3 persons, with original italian raw material: all natural, no added preservatives, no colorants, no chemical additives.

The pasta is bronze dies extrusion to capture and hold the vegetables sauce.

pesto sauce: 130 gr
ingredients: basil 60%, extra virgin olive oil, pine nut, Grana Padano d.o.p. cheese, Pecorino cheese, salt, garlic

trofie pasta: 250 gr
ingredients: durum wheat flour, water

1. put the pasta into a stockpot with boiling salted water
2. cook the pasta for about 9 minutes
3. drain the pasta
4. mix the pasta with the sauce
5. serve the pasta warm

The packing details are:

12 boxes/carton

64 ctn per pallet

Carton: 23 x 30 x 40 cm

Pallet: 80 x 120 x 200 cm

trofie pesto