San Pellegrino mineral water

San Pellegrino is one of the most famous Italian brand in the world.

The sumptuous marble drinking hall Fonte Termale stands in the town of San Pellegrino as a reminder of “taking the waters” in a bygone era. Three 1,300-foot (396 m) deep springs bring still water to the surface at 78.6 degrees Fahrenheit (26°C). San Pellegrino was first put on the map when Leonardo da Vinci sampled the town’s waters.

Mineral water is one of the most underrated supplements out there. It isn’t just the delicious fizzy taste; it also contains, as you might guess, some minerals!  One under-appreciated mineral is sulfate, and there is lots of sulfate in San Pellegrino compared to most other mineral waters.

San Pellegrino is high in mineral content — mostly Calcium, Magnesium, Bicarbonate, Chloride, and Sulphate. 
The extremely low Nitrate level is perhaps San Pellegrino’s greatest virtue. The water is still as it comes from the ground, and is then charged with CO2 to give it the signature fizz. This renowned brand in its traditional green bottle is owned by Nestle Foods; its position in the marketplace speaks for itself. 

Compared to other mineral water brands, San Pellegrino has some of the highest levels of sulfate (SO4–) water known in the world today: 459 milligrams per liter.[v]  It also has a decent amount of calcium, magnesium, and bicarbonate as well as other trace minerals.