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De Cecco gnocchi from fresh potato

Gnocchi is a typical dish in the tradition of Italian cooking that in different regions may differ in the shape and size of the dough. De Cecco offers you a tasty product originating from the classic recipe that combines selected potatoes and wheat flour. The difference is they only take 2 [...]
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Fernet Branca Italian amaro

27 herbs, roots and spices are the basis which gives the typical brown color of the liquid and come from five contintents: Rhubarb from China, Gentian from France, Galanga from India or from Sri Lanka, Chamomile from Europe of Argentina…. Just to name a few. Herbs, roots and spices are [...]
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Lavazza Oro in ground 250 gr

This Lavazza Coffee, Oro Gold Espresso, is composed of finely grounded espresso beans to create a great beverage. This Gold Edition adds coffee beans from the African highland that surpasses other brands. *Non-GMO*100% Arabica Taste:*Full-Bodied*Sweet-Aromatic Flavor Qualita Oro Blend is packed with smooth flavor and intense aroma. Types of Coffee [...]
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Spaghettini n. 11 De Cecco

Spaghettini are a smaller, delicious variation of the classic Spaghetti and this type of pasta comes from the south of Italy, from Naples in particular. Hot or cold sauces based on fresh tomatoes, vegetables or aromatic herbs are the best way to enjoy this type of pasta. It is also [...]
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The Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium, an organization in Italy that is nearly 100 years old and designed to protect the specifications and history of the cheese, announced that Campbell Soup will remove images from certain labels of Prego jars that reference a certified Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. The organization told Store Brands that [...]
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