Torino, historically subject to strong French culinary influence, share Italy’s most refined pastry and chocolate-making traditions. The production is handmade and family: in this 40 years the company keeps the same handmade modality of production improving the quality of its ingredients and keeping the same shape and design of its boxes invented in 1960.

We make also the ”wafers (hosts produced by our company with water and flour) covered with melted chocolate” with a really high percentage of cocoa (60%). 
We make also a complete series of Bar of chocolate (melted chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate) and a complete series of Bar of chocolate with hazelnuts; for this last product we use only the hazelnuts of Piedmont named “Tonde gentili delle Langhe”.  We make also the “Chocolate cream with hazelnuts” that is a soft cream compounded of milk chocolate and hazelnuts (“Tonda gentile delle Langhe”).
We can supply special and customized production and – on request – we can produce Kosher chocolate, Fairtrade chocolate, organic chocolate and halal chocolate