Italian pistachio of Bronte

Pistachio of Bronte, from the name of the village in Sicily, is one of the best pistachio in the world.
In Italy it’s famous for the production of pistachio ice-cream, but the Bronte pistachios are an essential ingredient in many Sicilian desserts.
The pistachios are used whole or as a paste to make torroni, cassate, pesto and cream.

The production is only in a small part of Sicily and the pistachio become quite expensive due to their limited production.
The cultivation is laborious work: the trees only bear fruit every two years and are planted in areas that prevent the use of machines to harvest the fruit.
The Sicilian pistachios are more stretched out than fruits of other origins, and the green is more intense and brilliant.
The flavour is more delicate and aromatic, these peculiarities are probably due to the terrain on which they are grown, which is of lava, and the climate.

We can supply the raw material:
pistachio kernels
blanched pistachio

or processed pistachio in:
pistachio pesto
pistachio cream
cake with pistachio