Protect the Italian stuffed pasta!

On Wednesday March 27, in Torino, we participated in an initiative of Slow Food, to protect the good cuisine of Italy, especially the wonderful tradition of our stuffed pasta: ravioli, cannelloni, lasagne, tortellini and timbales.

After the scandals of horse meat, we want to defend our pasta.
Roberto Burdese, president of Slow Food Italy, explains the initiative, created to defend the pasta we love: “On average across Europe is going through the image of dishes that are the heritage of the multinational food company, dishes that it’s best to avoid due to questionable composition and quality. Instead we are talking about some of the cornerstones of Italian regional cuisine, pieces of our identity and material culture of our country! We must return to the basic: we should say what is a real tortellini, tell us how you do it, with your hands and passion, describe the ingredients”.

Here below what we tasted with great pleasure!

1. Old style agnolotto

2. Fagottino with lamb sauce

3. Tajarin with Bra salciccia

4. Lasagne alla bolognese

5. Bologna stuffed tortellini 

6. Cavour’s style Agnolotti 

7. Agnolotti with butter and sage

During the tasting, we drink Lurisa mineral water, San Pellegrino water, Serpico of Feudi di San Gregorio and Barbera d’Asti.

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